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FIFA 14 Activation Keys

Game genre: soccer
Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Platform: PC PS4 X360 PS3 WiiU PS2 PSP PSV
Game Release Date
September 2013 Worldwide
September 2013 Europe
September 2013 USA
game mode single / multiplayer
multiplayer: Internet / common screen number of players 1-22

Download - Fifa 14 Keygen

Download - Fifa 14 PC Crack

Keygen Run Instuctions:
1. Download the Fifa 14 Keygen
2. Open the Fifa 14 Keygen or Run Keygen
3. Click "Generate" Button and wait untill key is shown
4. Copy the key and use it to play beta version of Fifa 14
5. You can play the full version on the official release date of the full game

FIFA 14 producer Nick Channon talks to Matt Cuttle about some of the new gameplay additions and tweaks they've been developing to make FIFA 14 the best yet.

Marking has been tightened to add more build-up play. Players will now have to think about where and when to pass more. 'Cheap Goals have been addressed, so there are now more options in midfield.

Sprint Dribble Turns
Players can now turn at any angle whilst sprinting. Player momentum will play a more significant role, leading to more realistic movement and pace where it's needed. Variable dribble touches mean the ball is now kicked away at different distances with each kick. Adds more realism to sprints, turns and dribbles.

Player Runs and Protection
Forwards will now make checked runs to lose defenders and make curved runs along the line to beat the offside trap. They will also be able to back into defenders and protect the ball whilst moving.

Pure Shot
Players will now adjust their feet when setting themselves up for a shot. In FIFA 13, a player would either be slid forward to make their striking foot make contact with the ball if too far away, or have their leg snapped into position for a shot if too close. Now a striker will kick the ball according to where it is in relation to their foot. If it's too close, they'll attempt to dig the ball out or poke it into the net with a rush shot. This results in much more visual feedback in terms of ball movement in relation to player movement.

Ball Physics
Drag simulation has been completely overhauled in FIFA 14. The ball will now move in the air, swerving, dipping and rising, resulting in some goals you've never seen before!

Skill Games
New skill games have been added, including having many balls on the pitch at once for shooting practice, one touch practice with opponents on the pitch and more.

Career Mode
Career mode has been overhauled with a brand new graphical style, more in-depth scouting and a more refined email system.

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